Why are your price so low?

Our price is lower beyond the your imagination, because we are the real original manufacturer with a large scale of production.
We cut out the middleman and bring our products direct from the factory to you .No Middlemen, no retail overhead, and practically no advertising budget(we leave it to you, our satisfied customers to spread the word).

How do you guarantee your quality?

We have been in the biopharmaceutical industry for about 12 years and have mature production lines. All our products are certificated, such as HPLC, NMR, GC and UV spectrometer to analyze and control the products. We also have been a sponsor on the biggest bodybuilding forums--Professional Muscle, so the quality can be definitely assured in this way. Welcome to be the supervisor of our product quality and post your feedback on the PM forum after using our product.

What is the process to order and pay?

First, browse the products in our store. Shop and "add to cart" products that interest you. When you want to order, go into your cart and click on "Checkout". Then, during the order process, choose your payment method: Credit Card through Western Union, Moneygram, or bank transfer. Complete your order. We strongly advise you to pay by Bitcoin, which is fast and reliable, with low cost. Payment by bank transfer can take 3 to 10 days. With Bitcoin, we receive your payment within hours and can quickly ship your order! If you have any questions before, during or after your purchase, please contact our customer service or by heracleswholesale@protonmail.com

How do you ship the products?

The products are packaged with extreme care and precaution, specifically to minimize shipment volume. Our name or anything else that implies the content of pharmaceutical packaging is never used in our shipments. If the order is too large to be sent in a single parcel, the order will be divided into two or more packages on different days.

How long does the whole process of ordering and shipping take?

The order confirmation and the complete procedure to make payment is sent to your email address automatically and immediately after you submit your order. Once payment is received, we process and ship your order in 48 hours. The delivery time will depend on various factors such as the shipping method, the efficiency of the postal service of the country, customs clearance, international transit, etc ... The safest courier company is not fixed. It may be safer to use DHL this month, but safest to use HKSP next month. This explains why we can give an approximation based on our statistics and our previous experiences of about 15 days.
Shipping time and safety are like fish and bear paws., we can't have both.In order for you to receive the goods you paid, we put safe delivery first. Even if the transport maybe a bit slow, need 15-20 days, it must be the safest and most appropriate. The customs clearance rate can reach 98.5%.
Please arrange your order in advance, so that it wont delay your business.

If the goods are detained by customs, what do you do?

Our shipper is the most professional in China, he knows which courier is the best to which country.The customs clearance rate can reach 98.5%.
In rare cases(1.5%) your goods are detained by customs, with the lowest factory price and highest quality products, free resend policy can’t be provide.
But to offer better service to our clients, to dispel the concerns of customers, we have put up with some resend conditions as followings:
① For the original factory price, no resend policy offered.
② Pay another 10% of your order amount, resend once.
③ Pay another 12% of your order amount, resend until you get your pack.

Is it possible to change a previously set order?

If your order is not yet sent, it is possible to change quickly and easily by contacting customer service via email. If your order is already sent it is obvious that we can not change it. It is very important to take into account that order cancellations are not accepted once the payment is received.

I did not receive an email after my order, what is the problem?

Most likely, the cause of non-receipt is your ANTI-SPAM filter. Just check the SPAM folder in your email inbox. We advise you to save our email address to your contacts to ensure receipt of our emails.
My package is late, why?
Orders are shipped on average 48 hours upon receipt of your payment by our side. But the shipping is beyond our control. We will try our best to let you know what happened, sometimes packs will be delayed due to some bad weather factor, or during some political conferences and holidays. Please be patient, we will make sure that you can receive what you paid.